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Ottoman Hands Virgo Zodiac Rings with Peridot Stone


  • 21 ct gold plated brass
  • Virgo zodiac stone
  • Peridot semi-precious stone
  • adjustable for a perfect fit

This charming set of zodiac rings has been handmade from 21 ct gold plated brass and features Virgo's zodiac stone - Peridot. The Virgo ring would make a perfect gift or a beautifully petite talisman.

Ottoman Hands Virgo Zodiac Rings with Peridot Stone come packaged in a lovely pouch and are ready to gift.

About Virgo

August 23 – September 22

Virgo possess a brilliant attention to detail, are analytical and very hard-working. Being an Earth sign, Virgo has a strong character and likes practicality and organisation. The symbolic name of this star sign speaks well of their nature: Virgo often feels that they experience everything for the first time. Their ruling planet - Mercury - gives Virgo their great communication and writing skills.

Virgo’s zodiac stone - Peridot - is considered a protective stone with powerful cleansing abilities. Peridot motivates growth and promotes positive change.


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