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Ottoman Hands Capricorn Zodiac Rings with Turquoise Stone


  • 21 ct gold plated brass
  • Capricorn zodiac stone
  • Turquoise semi-precious stone
  • adjustable for a perfect fit

This delicate Capricorn ring and it's charming stacking partner have been handmade from 21 ct gold plated brass. The stone set by hand in a signature setting - Turquoise - is Capricorn's zodiac stone. These zodiac rings can be worn together or individually. 

Ottoman Hands Capricorn Zodiac Rings with Turquoise Stone come packaged in a lovely pouch and are ready to gift.

About Capricorn

December 22 - January 19

Capricorn is one of the most responsible and traditional zodiac signs. People born under this star sign are independent, disciplined and conservative by nature. Their element - Earth - grounds them and gives Capricorn a practical view of life. Their ruling planet - Saturn - points them towards their true path and represents time and order. 

Capricorn’s zodiac stone - Turquoise - is a protective stone and has been used for amulets for centuries. It clears negative energy, balances and aligns all chakras. To find out more about beautiful Turquoise, it’s history and lore, please visit Stone Stories on our website.


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