Cue Audrey Leighton Rogers - uber talented, creative and just utterly gorgeous! We’ve been big fans of this brilliant influencer for some time and are so excited to have invited Audrey to curate a hand-picked edit of her favourite Ottoman Hands pieces and share with us her inspirations, her successes and style tips. Let’s see what she has to say…
We absolutely love your work! What inspired you to become a successful photographer and influencer?
What an incredible question, I guess my creativity is what inspired me to start. I was restless studying at University, frustrated at how little creativity my degree involved so set up a blog as an outlet to cure that boredom. The rest is history, I've always been drawn to writing and photography - so the two fused quite naturally within my work as an influencer. I then after many self-taught years decided to start a new chapter as a photographer - it all happened very accidentally, but naturally too.
What has been your most memorable photography experience?
Wow, there have been so many. I recently worked with Givenchy Beauty in Paris and that was incredible. I'm also in the middle of a photography project with Boucheron - and most days I still cannot believe just my camera and I are working for such fancy brands!
We also know that you’re a jewellery lover, what kind of jewellery do you love wearing?
I only wear gold - that's the only jewellery rule I have. I love the minimalist barely there pieces as much as I love the bohemian types, or the vintage costume jewellery.
I'll wear it all, as long as it's gold.
Chrysalis Hand Hammered Gold Necklace Small Star Gold Necklace Small Sun Gold Necklace
What is your favourite jewellery look right now?
Right now, I'm loving unusual jewellery, the pieces that instantly catch my eye.
What do you like most about Ottoman Hands jewellery and which piece is your jewellery box favourite?
I love how Ottoman Hands fuses classic jewellery with bohemian influences - it's so rare to find the two so artfully combined!
My favourite piece are the Berlin Hand-Hammared Gold Drop Earrings - they are so classic, but a little retro too and they work with almost everything!

Hand-Hammered Double Drop Earrings Hand-Hammered Gold Cuff Sunburst Labradorite Gemstone Ring

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Images courtesy of Audrey Leighton Rogers. You can follow Audrey on Instagram.