Ottoman Hands x Catherine Deane Wedding Jewellery

Image Source. Catherine Deane.

Happy Spring! With all those beautifully inspiring warm days round the corner we can’t help but get excited about the upcoming celebrations, especially all those amazing wedding celebrations we have been lucky enough to receive invitations to. So to get us into the spirit, and to offer our gorgeous brides to be some expert wedding tips, we have caught up with one of our favourite bridal dress designers - Catherine Deane - to talk about dresses, inspirations, planning and, of course, wedding jewelry.

Catherine has established her beautiful label in 2005. Passionate about craftsmanship and inspired by her nomadic lifestyle and upbringing, Catherine Deane creates stunning pieces using traditional dress making techniques and adding contemporary details and twists, playing with fragility and strength and finding beauty and balance in both modernity and heritage.

- What is the one question newly engaged brides ask you the most?

- Where do you start in the search for your dream dress? I normally suggest Pinterest and building vision boards, there’s nothing quite like the far reach of searching online combined with a collage template to get you started! And don’t limit yourself, it does not matter if you start with the dress first or the venue, create an exciting starting point and everything will unfold.

- What would you say are the biggest wedding trends for 2018?

- For us it has been expanding into our bridal separates collection, which we are continuing into 2018. Our brides love the versatility that it gives them in creating their very own, unique looks, and it is also fun to surprise guests by shedding layers as you transition from ceremony to party…

- What has inspired your amazing SS18 collection?

- Ah thank you... The anticipation of beauty is so lovely, is it not ….:) I have many sources of inspiration but primarily, the beauty of nature and landscapes evokes a sense of awe and wonder in me. We decided a few months ago that we would take the 2018 collection to Japan and photograph our campaign amongst the cherry blossoms. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to see the blossoms in full bloom, and so we are off to an amazing adventure soon. I have been surrounded by images of cherry blossoms while creating the collection, so I would have to say that this has been my inspiration.

Ottoman Hands x Catherine Deane Wedding Jewellery

- What advise do you give brides on their first wedding dress fitting?

- How does it make you feel? You should feel beautiful, comfortable, be able to dance and twirl in it of course! And most importantly, feel like the most beautiful version of ‘you’.

- What jewellery, in your opinion, would help to bring a perfect final touch to the bride's look on the day?

- Jewellery is so personal, but says so much about the individual. I think that the bridal jewellery and the dress need to work together harmoniously. So it should be carefully considered whether the dress is the starting point or the jewellery. In saying that jewellery can spice up a simple gown and vice versa.

- Can you tell us a little bit about your favourite piece of jewellery?

- Several years ago, I spotted a vintage ring at Portobello market which was made of clusters of diamonds, garnets and sapphires in a bouquet setting. It was from the 1950’s, I was literally awestruck and tried it on several times. I did not buy it initially but could not stop thinking about it, so finally went back. It has been my prized possession since!

Ottoman Hands x Catherine Deane Wedding Jewellery

- You have used our lovely pieces for the stunning ready to wear shoot in Morocco. Which Ottoman Hands gems do you personally like the most?

- We have been so blessed to use Ottoman Hands jewellery in our Moroccan shoot, thank you so much, Ottoman Hands X CD was the perfect pairing for the location and our 2017 collection. After the shoot , there was a pair of gold drop earrings with red garnet stones, that I simply could not forget and am now the proud owner of these beautiful earrings. I also acquired a gorgeous gold hand chain. I love the exotic look and feel of Ottoman Hands jewellery which transports you to bohemian wonderlands when you wear the pieces.

- For the beautiful brides to be out there, what advise would you give them?

- Be unapologetically ‘you’ in every way when creating your wedding. Follow your bliss, take a few risks , but only ones that make your heart flutter with joy... I mean, what a great way to start your future ☺

Ottoman Hands x Catherine Deane Wedding Jewellery

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