Ottoman Hands Jewellery Gifts For Her. The Style Guide

With the gifting season upon us we have put together a little guide of inspiringly beautiful things to get you in the mood and help with any outstanding present conundrums. So sit back, relax (hot chocolate optional) and let us do the hinting.

For the Artisan Statement Makers

For the Artisan Statement Makers

Her Style: Unique yet effortless with a razor sharp attention to detail.

She Loves: Art, culture, travel, the essentials that enrich her life and gifts her with unforgettable experiences

Where to find her: At a late-night gallery opening, in the hip eatery you’ve been wanting to visit, of course, planning her next adventure

What to gift her: Antique inspired treasures from our Classics collection. Think artisan statement earrings hand-set with Pearl beads and gemstone pendants engraved with a floral motifs, reminiscent of ancient arabesques. Look for pieces that showcase history, charm, character.

Ottoman Hands Artisan Statement Jewellery

1. Pearl & Orange Agate Greek Statement Drop Earrings, 2. Mother of Pearl Triple Bead Drop Earrings, 3. Labradorite Engraved Pendant

For the Chic Minimalist

For the Chic Minimalist

Her Style: Paired back Scandi chic, neutral palette and striking monochrome

She Loves: Artisan coffee and vibrant culinary experiences, crisp interiors, responsible fashion and minimal living

Where to find her: Chatting to her favourite barista at her local coffee house, indulging in Sunday morning yoga and gaining inspiration from chic interior stores (hello, Muji)…

What to gift her: Delicate treasures with a personal touch. Think charming Zodiac necklaces, gorgeous letter pendants and other talisman worthy jewels.

Ottoman Hands Personalised Jewellery Gifts

1. Zodiac Rings, 2. Pinecone Necklaces with Gemstone Charm, 3. Gemstone Charms

For the Elegant Muse

For the Elegant Muse

Her Style: Timeless with a contemporary twist, think Audrey Hepburn meets Jeanne Damas

She Loves: Cocktails and elegant soirees, the theatre, white shirts with boyfriend jeans, red lipstick all things chic, romantic and meaningful.

Where to find her: People watching over an espresso in a cute cafe, attending a screening of a critically acclaimed play, packing for an impromptu city break, exploring the countryside with her favourite book in hand

What to gift her: Gemstone treasures in rich colours - graceful and simple, yet equally stunning. Think chic Pearl drop earrings and gold cocktail rings with plenty of bejewelled character.

Ottoman Hands Classic Jewellery Gifts

1. Green Agate & Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, 2. Open Hexagon Gold Bangle, 3. Labradorite, Amethyst & Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

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