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Here at Ottoman Hands we feel inspired by the amazing women shaping our world (both the world of fashion and the wider world around us). We would love to introduce you to one of our current girl-crushes; the stunning and stunning fashion blogger - Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi. Wendy’s amazing style, dreamy travel guides, delicious recipes and, of course, two cutest, fluffiest dogs make us want to move to Glasgow to explore our very own Northern style tale.

We have caught up with Wendy to talk her blog, style and jewellery inspirations.

- What inspired you to start your beautiful blog?

- In 2011, blogs were a relatively new concept but I had discovered a couple when planning my wedding and got hooked. I have always been creative so this seemed like the perfect outlet for me.

- Why ‘Thankfifi’?

- After my friend, Fi, who finally gave me the push to start my own.

- How would you describe your personal style?

- 75% classic, 25% fashion victim.

- Any style icons you adore (past and/or present)?

- Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl is an icon of mine as well as Olivia Palermo - both are so elegant and beautiful yet pushing the boundaries.

- Which fashion accessory you can’t live without?

- Delicate gold jewellery, a necklace or rings, to elevate the simplest of looks and sunglasses - I am rarely without aviators (especially these days with a newborn baby at home!)

- What are your favourite Ottoman Hands pieces and why?

- The flat pebble ring is a personal favourite of mine because it somehow creates the perfect balance between delicate and chunky - it's a completely unique design and I love that. It looks like one of those pieces you see someone wearing and when you ask where it's from it's invariably been a holiday or vintage find - I guess it has the look of a one off.

- Are you more of a ring, earrings, bracelets or necklace kind of girl?

- Ring and necklaces for sure. I literally feel naked without them. I would love to be an earring girl but I think I might be the only girl in the world who doesn't have pierced ears!

- What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

- It was my engagement ring which passed down from my grandmother to my mother and then to me. It wasn't worth a huge amount of money but it was the prettiest, delicate diamond flower and somehow I lost it before I got married. I still hope it might somehow turn up one day...

- How do you like to style your bejewelled treasures?

- I think when jewellery is fine you can really have fun layering it up and that works equally well over a simple t-shirt for super casual days and with the plunging necklines of silk shirts and fancy dresses for evening. More is more!

Ottoman Hands Gold Feather RingGold Feather Ring


Ottoman Hands Hammered Semi-Circle And Pearl Bead NecklaceSemi-Circle & Pearl Necklace


Ottoman Hands Spinning Cog Gold And Red Card BraceletSpinning Cog Cord Bracelet


Discover Wendy's full jewellery edit via the link below.

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