Ottoman Hands Green Crystal Swing Back Earrings

Patient, loving, caring, nurturing and compassionate are just some of the endless qualities they possess ... What would we do without our Mums? They are the beautiful souls who have been there for us in good times and bad times, who always make us see the light at the end of the tunnel and have a kind word to say. Mother's Day is not only an acknowledgment of how amazing our mums are, but a celebration of exceptional women, sisters, friends and daughters. It is also a wonderful excuse to show just how grateful we are to have these strong women in our lives. We believe, that when it comes to surprising her with a Mother's Day gift, there are endless options, however, saying thank you with a present, that holds sentimental value, holds so much meaning and pleasure.

Jewellery has always been a personal object with lots of sentiments attached. There is something about these stunning gemstone accessories that makes us feel beautiful and special. So as part of our Mother's Day Edit, we wanted to ask our mums what jewellery means to them and which piece they would love to unwrap on Mother's Day. So let's hear it from Anna's and Ayshe's mum! Over to Valerie and Jemile....

Valerie. Timeless with a Contemporary Twist.

Anna and Valerie

- Hello Valerie, so tell us... how would you describe your style?

- I would say my style is a fusion of classic and contemporary. I love being original by mixing timeless basics with latest trend pieces. I like to inject colours into my outfit with all the gorgeous accessories I have collected over the years...

- Which piece of jewellery would you say is your most prized possession?

- The jewel that holds the most important value to me is a necklace with a big Tourmaline heart-shaped pendant on a delicate leather cord. It used to belong to my sister.

- And which piece from Ottoman Hands jewellery collection would you love to receive as a gift?

- I'm a big fan of navy blue so I really like Lapis semi-precious stones. I would love to receive the Lapis Circle One Stone Ring for Mother's Day. It is classic in is shape but original in style and size. I love a great pair of statement earrings such as the Lapis Stone and Chain Tassel Drop Earrings. I think they will bring an original touch and captivating movement to the outfit. Being a big fan of black as well, I love matching black and gold jewellery and keeping it simple, yet chic. I really like the Gold Love Bangle, as it has a fresh, young and modern character. When it comes to necklaces, I really like the Labradorite Stone and Tassel pendant. I would wear it with a stylish evening dress with a nice low neckline for a gorgeous night out.

Ottoman Hands Mother's Day Jewellery Gifts

Lapis Circle One Stone Ring, Lapis Stone and Chain Tassel Drop Earrings, Gold Love Bangle

Jemile. Sparkling Elegance Day to Night.

Ayshe and Jamile

- Hi Jemile, could you please tell us about your personal style?

- My style can vary depending on what I am doing and how I am feeling. For example, if I'm at home, I prefer to keep my look simple and casual, wearing a pair of little gold stud earrings with cotton blouses or a delicate necklace. When I go out I like to wear elegant dresses. I complete my look with statement eye make-up and a dazzling piece of jewellery. No matter what I wear, day or night, I always add a delicate, yet sparkling gem. I mostly wear gold jewellery with both precious stones like diamonds or vibrant semi-precious stones.

- Which piece of jewellery has is the most sentimental for you?

- I would say a pair of vintage gold twisted bangles. My mother had brought them for me from Turkey and I only wear them on special occasions. One day I would love to pass them down to my daughters as a timeless heirloom from their grandmother.

- And which Ottoman Hands piece has captured your heart and been shared with your daughters in preparation for Mother's day?

- I like a lot of Ottoman Hands jewellery as I find it so authentic and beautiful in colour and design, however if I had to pick one piece, I would have to say the Green Crystal Swing Back Earrings. Green is my favourite colour and I can imagine these earrings shimmering beautifully when worn. To be honest, I really love the Crystals Collection, as I like my jewellery to have a sparkle. I would like to be gifted the Green Crystal Stone Necklace too. It would compliment the crystal earrings so well! I also love the Miniature Turquoise Doloma Drop Earrings. Turquoise is a stunning stone! Its has such a vibrant and beautiful shade of blue. I think the design of Doloma gold earrings, especially the hand-wrapped wire stone setting, is very elegant. I can imagine wearing them with a floral blouse in the Summer.

Ottoman Hands Mother's Day Jewellery Gifts

Green Crystal Swing Back Earrings, Green Crystal Stone Necklace, Miniature Turquoise Doloma Drop Earrings

We thank our gorgeous mums for their time and sharing their jewellery thoughts and inspirations with us.

Here's wishing every mum an amazing Mother's Day! Hope you all get spoilt with love and of course beautiful jewels...

And is the loving daughters and sons are still on the look-out for Mother's Day gifts, we hope they now know exactly where to find them! ;)