Ottoman Hands Christmas

With holidays just round the corner, we have decided to give you a little insight into a very Ottoman Hands Christmas and what our team gets up to this time of year (apart form lovingly packing and shipping your gorgeous gems).

We have asked each member of the team three questions to find out more bout their festive plans and jewels.

So without further a due, meet our lovely team!

Ottoman Hands Christmas


Sonya's Christmas Jewellery

Sonya is wearing: 1. Pearl and Lapis Two Stone Earrings, 2. Gold Twist Circle Necklace

This Christmas will be my first in London since moving over from New Zealand and I’m lucky enough to have two Christmas celebrations. I’m having an early Christmas lunch with my best friend’s family in West London. It will be incredibly lovely to have a family Christmas away from home and lunch at their house always turns into a great night. However on Christmas day I will be having an ‘orphan’s Christmas’ feast with my flat mates and friends. The day will no doubt be accompanied by a ridiculous amount of mulled wine.

For New Years I’ll be travelling to Edinburgh for Hogmanay with friends, it will certainly be a world away from a summer New Years I’m used to, but I’m looking forward to it.

For early family Christmas, I’m excited to dress up a bit! I’ll wear a fuss free black pantsuit complete with a petite gold necklace and statement gemstone earrings. I love the colour combination of the Pearl and Lapis Lazuli with a bold red lip, which in my opinion is a timeless Christmas look.

Mulled wine never gets old, we even had it back home despite Christmas being in the height of summer.


Hanna's Christmas Jewellery

Hanna is wearing: 1. Ruby Ring, 2. Little Twig Ring, 3. Gold Textured Band, 4. Pine Cone & Ruby Necklace, 5. Sun Necklace

I will be spending this Christmas at home with my husband, my mother and father-in-law as well as Fanny, my cat. We will start the celebrations with a day at the Christmas market on the 23rd, followed by Swedish Christmas on the 24th and then British Christmas on the 25th. There will be a mixture of Swedish Christmas ham, the traditional Turkey as well as lots of sparkles and presents underneath the tree…if we have been good of course :)

I found my perfect Christmas outfit when I was in Gothenburg a couple of months ago. It is a sparkly 70’s disco inspired jumpsuit from my favourite shop - Monki. In terms of jewellery, one of my favourite pieces from this season is the pine cone necklace, so I will definitely wear this and a mixture of my Ottoman Hands rings to make it even more festive.

I cannot wait for Christmas as it is such a great time of the year, it always has a wonderfully cosy atmosphere, and there is nothing better than a glass of mulled wine on a crisp cold December evening to warm you up. I am also looking forward to the festivities of New Year’s Eve as I will be spending it in Dublin this year.


Anna's Christmas Jewellery

Anna is wearing: 1. Ruby Ring, 2. Flower of Life Necklace

This year I am planning to see my family in the South of France. I’ll be enjoying Christmas in the mountains, in a cosy wooden chalet where the whole family gets reunited every year. It’s gonna be a similar atmosphere for the New Year’s eve, however I will be spending it with my friends. We have planned to do a big party with in the Pyrenees …

Usually I like to wear dark colours for Christmas. I am planning to wear something quite plain and accessories it as much as possible with statement pieces. I love earrings and necklaces worn with a nice cardigan. This year I’d like to accessorise my Christmas outfit with some statement gold earrings from the upcoming SS18 collection (I’m so excited to be wearing the new pieces). I will also be wearing my favourite Ruby ring, which will create a great contrast and will stand out beautifully.

What I enjoy the most about winter holidays is all the little moments you share with your loved ones. I have this lovely memory, where after a long day skiing with the family we all go back home to have a hot chocolate at the chalet and than get ready for the evening. When we were kids, myself and my little sister used to organise a little show every Christmas with songs, jokes and games. We had such a good time. Now we’ve grown up, we would go to church at midnight. When it’s snowing on our way back home it feels magical…


Ayshe's Christmas Jewellery

Ayshe is wearing: 1. Gold Hoop Earrings, 2. Green Agate Firecracker Necklace

I will be spending this Christmas with my husband’s family. We will be having a lovely roast, which I’m really looking forward to, as my mother-in-law does an amazing one! This NYE, I will be going out for a meal with my husband, most likely in central London (still need to book a table!) and then heading over to my family's house to celebrate the new year together with music and lots of fun and laughter, hopefully.

I will be wearing a midi floral dress with my favourite leather boots and accessorising my outfit with my statement gold hoops. I love how they add a classic yet modern touch.

I always look forward to relaxing and reading my books by the Christmas tree with the television on. I find it comforting! And, off-course spending time with friends and family. I will also be going to the Science Museum to watch Star Wars at their Imax cinema (it’s a surprise for my husband, so shh!), so we be looking forward to that, as well as wondering around the area admiring the beauty of festive Kensington.


Natasha's Christmas Jewellery

Natasha is wearing: 1. Miniature Labradorite Cocktail Ring, 2. Gold Twist Ring, 3. Labradorite Engraved Earrings

This Christmas I am heading to the countryside to celebrate with my family. There will be open fires, delicious home-made mince pies and even home-made wine, country-side walks with the dogs and favourite festive films.

As it will be a very relaxing celebration, I am planning to wear my favourite wooly jumpers and a lovely cashmere dress for the Christmas dinner. I will be accessorising with a pair of gold drop earrings with my favourite stone - Labradorite, and a petite cocktail ring with the same stone, from our Miniatures collection. I love the lore of Labradorite and how it supposedly holds sprinkles of northern lights within its iridescent surface.

I really love the city this time of year, it has this special, warn vibe, no matter how cold it gets outside. I love how people around are smiling, rushing (a nice, festive rush, nothing like a Monday morning commuter sprint) and planning beautiful surprises for their loved ones. We used to go to the city centre every year with my parents to see Christmas lights and wonder around charming Christmas markets, drinking hot chocolate and looking for handmade decorations to add to the collection.

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2018!

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