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With the month of May opening its flowering arms, we are celebrating not one, but two Bank Holidays and there’s truly no better excuse than a long (hopefully) sunny weekend to explore the continent’s most beautiful cities. But with such a big choice of cultural destinations and budget airlines to get you there, which of the Europe’s gems would you put to the top of your ‘explore and enjoy’ list? We spoke to our favourite fashion influencers and Ottoman Hands jewellery fans to get some inspiring city break ideas and style tips.

Teral Atilan. An Elegant Viennese Adventure.

This Is Teral. Travel Guide to Vienna Image sources: This is Teral

The stylish author of This is Teral, Teral Atilan is a London-based blogger and journalist exploring the world of fashion and beauty.

Teral has recently visited Vienna - the stunning capital of Austria - to peruse its inspiring historical sites, indulge in traditional Viennese deserts and delicious coffee.

- What was your favourite historical/cultural attraction in the beautiful Vienna?

- My favourite attraction in Vienna had to be Schönbrunn Palace. The history and culture of the place was so magical. You could learn a lot about the Viennese monarchy by simply visiting the palace.

- Could you please share your Viennese wardrobe essentials and which Ottoman Hands pieces would you pack for your next city break?

- My wardrobe essential would have to be a pair of comfortable shoes as I find myself doing a lot of walking around. It’s essential to be comfortable. The Ottoman Hands piece I would pack for my next city break would have to be the Amethyst Miniature Ring, as my next destination will hopefully have a warmer climate and I love stacking different rings together.

Ottoman Hands by This is Teral

Amethyst Miniature Oval Single Bead Ring, Small Amethyst Tear Swing Back Earrings, Miniature Lapis Marquise Ring

For more ideas of what to do and see in Vienna, visit Teral’s blog.

You can follow Teral’s beautiful journey on Instagram.

Vera Lu. A True Venetian Holiday.

Vera. Travel Guide to Venice Image sources: Vera Lu Instagram Page

Vera, an Italian social media influencer, who loves travelling and finding out new places and landscapes, has journeyed to the dreamy Venice to soak up it’s romantic atmosphere and enjoy a true Venetian experience.

- Could you please recommend the best place to try the true Venetian cuisine?

- If you want to try the true Venetian cuisine I would recommend leaving the centre of the city, where restaurants are too touristy and expensive, and exploring less frequented parts of Venice. Here you can find a lot of little traditional restaurants serving great food. I had some delicious fish dishes in a lovely restaurant called “Alla Frasca".

- What can be found in your handbag when you travel and which Ottoman Hands pieces would you pack for your next holiday?

- When I'm travelling, I carry with me only the essentials. When it comes to makeup, I can't give up mascara and vibrant lipstick, they always get packed in my makeup bag. I carry my mobile to take a lot of photos and a list of all the things that I want to see in that particular place. For my next holiday I think Rose Quartz Disco Earrings and Rose Quartz Stone and Bar Necklace would perfectly compliment my tan and will look great with a white dress.

Ottoman Hands by Vera Lu

Gold Crescents and Rose Quartz Circle Disco Earrings, Rose Quartz Stone and Gold Bar Necklace, Rose Quartz Stone And Gold Bar Cuff

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Anna. Barcelona - This Perfect Dream.

Anna's Barcelona Image sources: Pinterest

A graphic designer and creative dreamer from the picturesque South of France - Anna - has recently been to the Spanish architectural and artistic hub - Barcelona - to delve into its rich culture and inspiring atmosphere.

- Which architectural gem in Barcelona has captured your heart at first sight?

- Once you arrive in Barcelona the first thing that takes your breath away is the abundance of vibrant mosaics. It is the essence of Gaudi's art and so awe-inspiring. Barcelona is such a warm and festive city, the atmosphere makes the architecture even more vivid and memorable. If I had to recommend a specific place to visit while in Barcelona, I would have to say - Park Güell. It’s so beautifully dynamic. To be honest, so many places in Barcelona have their own unique vibe, it's hard to choose just one! For your next visit walk La Ramblas, starting from Plaça de Catalunya and all the way down to the seaside, try traditional Catalan dishes at the market and don’t forget to stop at Sagrada Família for breathtaking views and a spot of sight-seeing. Barcelona is a destination full of surprises, so explore, enjoy and soak up the inspiration!

- Which accessories do you always pack, when going for a city break and which Ottoman Hands piece would you take with you on a next trip?

- When I pack to go on a holiday, be it a weekend away or a two week adventure, I always bring my favourite Turquoise pendant. It has a very special meaning to me and I can’t leave the house without it. I also always bring my sunglasses, even if I'm travelling to a colder destination; you never know, sun might pop up ;). For my next city break, I would accessorise with Ottoman Hands Flower of Life Pendant, as it has this gorgeous pattern, that reminds me of the sun. I would also wear my new Agate Reversed Disc Earrings, as they are really delicate and unique and the semi-precious stones in them are amazing.

Ottoman Hands by Anna Louit

Pink Agate Reversed Disc Earrings, Flower of Life Necklace, Chain and Pink Cord Friendship Bracelet

You can follow Anna's creative explorations on her Instagram.

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