Our stockist of the month goes to Collection Privée 7, based in Montpellier, South of France. Here's what the lovely owner Alexandra has to say about her gorgeous accessories and women's clothes store...

1. How, when and why you started Collection Privée 7?

My studies in International Trade, as well as my family life allowed me to acquire valuable exposure in the fashion world of today in perpetual sphere of influence. Because I encompass a strong background, I thrive on my work and personal experiences in Asia, United States and Europe, which enables me to make decisions on quality; and so to offer well selected products.

2. Could you please give a description of the range of goods you sell in the shop?

Ready to wear clothing, limited edition leather bags and exclusive plated gold jewellery. I want to bring something different on to the table. By that I mean, discovering new brands or designers that have the same way of working, emobding style, high quality and exclusivity. Each women are unique, so my goal is to showcase them by bringing the wow effect.


3. How do you select your products?

I select products according to my style and adapt it to each women in respect of their personalities. It's like a crush! I fall in love with the style of a product or brand then I check the quality, process of manufacture and lastly the fairness of pricing. As a private collection, I buy for my shop what I like to wear and match these choices to my customer's style, personality and lifestyle.

4. Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, I have many projects in mind. First, I'd like to open a first floor for styling women and then open another boutique store for men.

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5. Which is your favourite item in your store?

It's too hard for me to say, because I love every single item and designer I have in store. I take time to select them so they all have a room in my heart.

6. Which product do you sell the most?

I sell jewellery the most because women love to buy themselves a little precious treat or surprise their siblings, friends or colleagues.

7. Who is your normal customer?

Women from 30 to 70 years old. My typical customer is around 40 looking for modern classics with a twist of exclusive fashion.

8. What is the price range of your products?

The price range starts from 15 Euros of small jewels to 500 Euros for handbags.

Where to find Collection Privée 7: 7 rue de l´ancien courrier, 34000 Montpellier