Stockist Of The Month - Jardin Secret
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Ottoman Hands prides itself on being easily accessible world wide - not only do we offer worldwide shipping on our website, but we have stockists in many different countries. For this reason amongst many others, Ottoman Hands are proud to be stocked in Jardin Secret.

Jardin Secret is located in the mesmerising town of Saint Tropez in the South of France, a place many celebrities call their home over the summer months. With holiday season in full swing, Jardin Secret is the perfect place to go and check out some of Ottoman Hands' jewellery.

The store opened in 2002 and has since gained popularity each year with both locals and tourists alike - Isabelle's passion for all things fashion and jewellery is definitely infectious! So if you're in the area this summer make sure you slip away from the beach for a couple of hours to indulge in some gem-filled retail therapy.

Jardin Secret

15 Rue Georges ClemenceauSaint Tropez83990France