Weddings are a big deal, right? Not just for the happy couple and all those involved in the big day, as a wedding guests you have such an important part to play in what is soon to become your friends' best day ever! Its a wonderfully memorable occasion showered with love, laughter and amazing outfits! And with every perfect dress comes the perfect make-up, accessories and of course.. jewellery. Whether you are attending a wedding as a gorgeous guest or planning that 'best day ever' as a stunning bride, its the perfect occasion to let your style shine! And, as a wise woman once said (we're pretty sure it was a woman) - accessories are the best way to show that amazing personality of yours! So if you are having some accessory dilemmas, we have put together five useful tips to help you discover the perfect wedding jewellery to compliment your personality and turn heads!

One: Don't be afraid to use colour.

Don't Be Afraid To Use Colour

Miniature Turquoise Doloma Ring, Hand-Hammered Crescent Disco Earrings,

Some of us like to play it safe when it comes to choosing the right wedding day jewellery, opting for neutral tones and classic styles that compliment most wedding looks. However, it feels so good to break those rules! Now that we're approaching the much-awaited summertime, heady days and long warm evenings allow for lighter materials accompanied by accessories in bright vivacious colours! If you have opted for a clean, tailored dress, vibrant semi-precious stone jewellery would add a touch of uniqueness and character like no other accessory can. Let's face it, bags restrain the movement and shoes will probably be left under the chair once the band gets playing. All you need is a pair of striking gold drop earrings and maybe a gold cocktail ring to match. We love Turquoise and think that its stunning blue shade compliments every eye-colour and complexion. Labradorite is our other stone of choice. With its mystical lore and the most amazingly playful hues, which change from green to iridescent blue, this gemstone can be worn with any dress colour.

Don't Be Afraid To Use Colour

Labradorite and Rose Quartz Statement Drop Earring,

Two: Add a personal touch.

Add a Personal Touch

Alphabet Pendant Necklaces, Zodiac Pendant Necklaces,

Personalised jewellery can create a beautifully lasting memento, not only allowing you to capture you, it makes a perfect gift for the nearest and dearest. From choosing the gemstone that holds a special meaning to wear on your big day to selecting bridesmaid gifts with their initials engraved, we think jewellery is a perfect accessory to say it all, without being too loud. Here at Ottoman Hands we have lovingly handmade just the pieces to do so. Choose from our stunning Zodiac necklaces and rings set with semi-precious stones unique to each star sign, or opt for Alphabet pendants and add a gemstone charm of your choice (may we remind you that Rose Quartz is considered to be the stone of love...). Whatever you go for, we want our handmade jewellery to make you feel special and gorgeous in your own unique way!

Add a Personal Touch

Miniature Semi-Circle Tripple Bead Earrings,

Three: Balance statement with minimalism.

Balance Statement and Mnimalism

White Chalcedony, Rose Quartz & Aqua Chalcedony Ring, Miniature Rose Quartz Circle & Aqua Chalcedony Earrings,

Dazzling statement jewellery or delicate just-seen accessories? It all depends on the rest of the outfit... A polished and minimal look will work great with an architectural statement piece; think geometric lines and well defined shapes. Work with the cut of your dress and make the most of it; for example, a deep V-neck, favoured by many brides, will work beautifully with a single stone pendant, while an Audrey Hepburn-esque boat-neck can be given a contemporary twist with a pair of slim gold drop earrings. Architectonic draping at the hem can be highlighted with a statement gold ring or a pair of chic statement earrings. Just remember, one focal point is enough to attract attention, more than that can cause distraction. Opt for soft dreamy hues and get ready to collect that well-deserved best-dressed guest award!

If you have already chosen detail or a texture heavy garment to wear (lace, embroidery, ruffles or prints), keep the jewellery dainty and elegant. A pair of simple gold studs or delicate semi-precious stone earrings in soft pastel hues of Rose Quartz and Aqua Chalcedony will add colour and shine, while being charmingly discreet and oh-so-tasteful. Our Miniatures collection offers a stunning choice of petite treasures to love and to hold (or just to wear, if you are not getting carried away, unlike us). Unadorned gold stacking bracelets and stacking rings will also make a great accompaniment to a statement dress, so don't forget to check out our Signs and Symbols collection for some inspiration. One thing we would recommend is to stack and layer on arms and fingers, but keep your neckline bare (V-necks not excluded). Pendants, however small, can tip a print or lace heavy outfit over the edge.

Balance Statement and Mnimalism

Shape Gold Bangles,

Four: Pearls, Pearls, Pearls...

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Chain and Bead Earrings, Mother of Pearl Ring,

With Pearls being bridal jewellery classics, it's a perfect gemstone to turn to when choosing your big day accessories. However finding a great Pearl piece can be trickier than you think. Traditional Pearl designs can look boring and a little too old-school (after-all you don't want to look like your great-aunt Muriel on your wedding photos), while avant-garde pieces from top jewellery houses will most certainly break the bank. Solution - choose a quirkier, minimal piece in gold plating and if you are going for Pearl earrings, pick a jewel that can move with you. We love our Chain And Pearl Bead Strand Through Earrings, they not only look elegant and dainty, this pair of gemstone earrings will mimic your every motion, from a soft flip of the hair to that graceful walk down the isle.

Pearls Pearls Pearls

Mother of Pearl Feather and Stone Bangle,

Five: Make it trendy.

Make It Trendy

Rose Quartz & Agate Flower Earrings, Gold Palm Stud Earrings,

Weddings are so beautifully traditional, it can be tempting to go 'full classical' with your look. And although we agree that some time-honoured things should be left unchanged, we believe that little quirky details can not only capture your personality but help you show your trend-savvy side. If you think about it, even weddings have their own trends (rustic bohemian decor, wild flowers mixed with classic roses, etc...). So this wedding season why not try wondrous Flower Jewellery, the trend we have instantly fallen in love with. Whether it will be a pair of gorgeous beaded earrings set with semi-precious stones or a beautifully detailed gold flower ring, florals will add a unique touch and earn you some extra fashion points.

Not convinced with the Floral Trend? There's a more classic fashion jewellery movement you might be able to relate to: Unadorned Gold. Think contemporary, organic shapes, impeccable attention to detail and show-stopping craftsmanship, rather than traditional gold chains with locket pendants or signet rings. We have picked a beautiful selection of handmade gold jewellery in our Wedding Jewellery Edit, so don't forget to check it out.