Let your wrists do the talking with Ottoman Hands’ handmade gold plated and semi-precious gemstone bracelets.

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Crafted from 21 carat gold on recycled brass and set with stunning turquoise, agate or mother of pearl, our signature gold cuffs, bangles and beaded bracelets will make a perfect accessory. Inspired by the rich heritage and culture of the Ottoman Empire, this exquisite collection of bracelets exudes sophistication but also stays one step ahead when it comes to jewellery trends. Authentic in both appearance and meaning, these symbolic creations can be worn alone for cute, minimal style or stacked together for an eye-catching statement look. From the protective properties of the evil eye bracelet to the vibrant hues of precious gemstones, you’ll find keepsake bracelets to treasure for years to come. 

As well as treasures for your own jewellery box, our beautiful evil eye bracelet and other bracelet designs will make the perfect gift for someone else, be that a birthday or simply to give a meaningful gift as a symbol of love and appreciation. As well as a beautiful aesthetic, there’s a lot to be explored when it comes to the evil eye bracelet meaning, making this more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery as it safeguards against evil spirits, representing a unique history that dates back to ancient civilisations. Why not stack your evil eye protection bracelet with another beautiful gold bracelet from our collection? From turquoise chain bracelets to a structured gold cuff, you can mix and match our range of beautiful bracelets to create a look that is truly unique to you. Shop your favourite Ottoman Hands bracelet today.

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