Pearl Necklaces

Discover our collection of hand-crafted pearl necklaces. Perfect for layering and accentuated with colourful gemstones, choose from handmade beaded necklaces to timeless pearl pendants for your everyday luxury style.

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This collection of sustainable jewellery is centred around the pearl, a beautiful gem sourced from the ocean. When you wear a pair of pearl earrings or a classic pendant necklace you will feel like a goddess of the sea, making a statement with any outfit you wear.

Made from real pearls, all the gems used in this selection of pearl jewellery are sustainably and ethically sourced, something which is extremely important at Ottoman Hands because it lies at the centre of our brand values. Each piece is an investment, long-lasting and made from high quality materials that mean every pearl necklace is perfect for daily wear, even sent off in sustainable packaging.

With a subtle sense of glamour, our pearl necklaces can be worn day or night, whether you are trying to create a more understated and simple look or dress them up for evening events. Each item of jewellery incorporates one of two types of pearl. The first is the iridescent mother of pearl, whilst the other is a more traditional gem that evokes timeless and traditional style.

Each design incorporates both type of pearl in a different way, whether it is a classic pearl pendant or a handcrafted beaded necklace, perfect for summer layering. Some of our designs are even paired with different gemstones, such as turquoise, evoking the opulence of the Ottoman Empire that inspires our entire range of jewellery.

Lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisan in our Istanbul workshop, all our jewellery is made from gold-plated recycled sterling silver or brass, and is a luxury item that you will be able to treasure. 

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