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goadmin, Author at Ottoman Hands
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Ottoman Hands Travels. Escape to Marrakech. Tips, Ideas and Travel Jewelry

By | Travel Inspirations | No Comments

Vivaciously vibrant colours, tantalising scents and warm hospitality, not to mention stunning Moorish architecture… There are countless reasons why I’ve always wanted to visit Marrakech. The opportunity came up when I was invited to my friend’s hen trip. And disappointed I was not! Marrakech is one unforgettable place where all your senses truly come alive. So here are my tips, ideas and travel jewelry edit for this stunning gem of a destination…

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Gemstone Diaries: Rose Quartz – History, Lore and Meaning

By | Gemstone Guide | No Comments

Rose Quartz Jewellery by Ottoman Hands

Semi-precious stones are at the heart of Ottoman Hands jewellery. From lustrous Labradorites to vivacious Turquoise, gems capture imagination, forge myths and legends and even make history.

We haven’t kept our passion for gemstones much of a secret: their natural beauty, abundance of colours and textures, as well as time and specific conditions required to create them, make semi-precious stones more than just pretty embellishments. Throughout history, gems have been given special place and individual meaning. To celebrate these stunning earthly treasures we are kicking off a bejewelled new gemstone feature on our blog. Read More

Feminist Icons. Inspiring Women who Inspire Us.

By | Ottoman Hands Muses | No Comments

Feminist Icons. Inspiring Women who Inspire Us.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.” – Brene Brown

With Women’s Day around the corner we are celebrating all the inspiring women who have helped and are still helping to shape our lives and our history. We have asked creative and inspiring women around us to share their favourite feminist icons and some of their wisdoms they live by.

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