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Soaking in Summer - Ottoman Hands
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Soaking in Summer

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  • July 16, 2015

This summer we decided to collaborate with some young creatives and see how they could incorporate our jewellery into a photoshoot. Pippa Holliday the photographer, brought together a team in a small Clapham apartment to produce a floral inspired concept. New to the Uk, model Vlada, who had been living in New York and Paris was the ethereal beauty and face of the shoot. Czech born and experienced in film, Veroni Kavka, was the make up artist and stylist on set. The shoot would have been nothing without the finishing touches of the flowers, where Ho Peony hand placed each and every one.

As Veroni, Peony and Pippa had all previous worked together, it was great to see them comfortably bounce last minute ideas off one and other. As the heavens opened up outside, Vlada was thrilled to be shooting in a nice warm bath . Due to the lens fogging the bath had to be cold, now Vlada wasn’t so exited. Once submerged into the bath we added our Ottoman Hands jewellery, one bath bomb and after every petal was statically placed we began!

Switching from digital to analogue and five outfit changes later, Vlada could finally get out of the tub. With her shrivelled fingers and a warm dressing gown, the whole team sat in the kitchen flicking through the images taken. We all stayed around the table exchanging stories from other projects, agreeing on the struggle it is to be in the creative industries and we gossiped. As the rain continued to pour and the thunder began, we realised we weren’t going anywhere. We opened a bottle of wine and cheersed to a successful shoot.










Photographer – @pippaholliday

MUA – @veronikavka

Model – @vlada_stv

Prop Set Stylists – @ho_peony