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Gemstone Diaries: Rose Quartz – History, Lore and Meaning

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Semi-precious stones are at the heart of Ottoman Hands jewellery. From lustrous Labradorites to vivacious Turquoise, gems capture imagination, forge myths and legends and even make history.

We haven’t kept our passion for gemstones much of a secret: their natural beauty, abundance of colours and textures, as well as time and specific conditions required to create them, make semi-precious stones more than just pretty embellishments. Throughout history, gems have been given special place and individual meaning. To celebrate these stunning earthly treasures we are kicking off a bejewelled new gemstone feature this month on our blog. Read More

Top 5 Wedding Jewellery Ideas

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Weddings are a big deal, right? Not just for the happy couple and all those involved in the big day, as a wedding guests you have such an important part to play in what is soon to become your friends’ best day ever! Its a wonderfully memorable occasion showered with love, laughter and amazing outfits! And with every perfect dress comes the perfect make-up, accessories and of course.. jewellery. Whether you are attending a wedding as a gorgeous guest or planning that ‘best day ever’ as a stunning bride, its the perfect occasion to let your style shine! And, as a wise woman once said (we’re pretty sure it was a woman) – accessories are the best way to show that amazing personality of yours! So if you are having some accessory dilemmas, we have put together five useful tips to help you discover the perfect wedding jewellery to compliment your personality and turn heads! Read More

Christmas Gift Guide by Gemstone Meaning

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Jewellery has always had a special place in our hearts, be it a beautifully intricate adornment, found during the latest travels or a precious heirloom passed down from generation to generation. It has been given as a gift for centuries and every culture seems to have left its mark and added its own meaning to this precious object of art. For example, in medieval Europe jewellery was not only seen as a symbol of wealth and status, but believed to be a sacred amulet, protecting the wearer from harm and evil. To this day, wearing our lucky gemstone necklace or slipping on a pair of gorgeous gold earrings, gifted by our favourite grandma, makes us feel happy and unique.

Here at Ottoman Hands, we firmly believe in the special connection between the person and their gems. We think that vibrant semi-precious stones we choose for our handmade treasures have powerful energies and wonderful meanings, making for a truly meaningful Christmas gift. On this note, let us whisk you away on a journey of discovering our favourite gemstone wonders. The only thing left to do is decide which precious stone is perfect for you and your loved ones…

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