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Christmas Gift Guide by Gemstone Meaning

Jewellery has always had a special place in our hearts, be it a beautifully intricate adornment, found during the latest travels or a precious heirloom passed down from generation to generation. It has been given as a gift for centuries and every culture seems to have left its mark and added its own meaning to this precious object of art. For example, in medieval Europe jewellery was not only seen as a symbol of wealth and status, but believed to be a sacred amulet, protecting the wearer from harm and evil. To this day, wearing our lucky gemstone necklace or slipping on a pair of gorgeous gold earrings, gifted by our favourite grandma, makes us feel happy and unique.

Here at Ottoman Hands, we firmly believe in the special connection between the person and their gems. We think that vibrant semi-precious stones we choose for our handmade treasures have powerful energies and wonderful meanings, making for a truly meaningful Christmas gift. On this note, let us whisk you away on a journey of discovering our favourite gemstone wonders. The only thing left to do is decide which precious stone is perfect for you and your loved ones...


Lapis Lazuli - the Stone of Wisdom and Truth

Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that might have come straight from the tales of Arabian Nights: deep, opulent blue with golden inclusions of pyrites, shimmering like little stars; this gemstone has a truly grand past. It was among the first gemstones to be worked on and worn as jewellery as well as used in armour, sculpture and crushed into powder for dyes and make-up (Cleopatra is believed to have used Lapis Lazuli eye-shadows!). Lapis Lazuli has been one of the most sought after stones for centuries.

We think our Lapis necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are beautifully distinct and timeless. With their deep, celestial blue hues and specks of yellow set against stunning hammered gold, we promise you will be swept away by this, said to be magical, treasure...

Pieces featured (from left to right): Miniature Marquis Triple Bead Lapis Earrings, Lapis One Stone Earrings


Labradorite - the Stone of Magic

Labradorite is thought to be a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans and healers. It awakens one’s awareness of inner spirit and intuition. According to an ancient legend, Northern Lights were trapped inside the rocks along the coast of Labrador. They were found and freed by an Inuit warrior. Sadly, the warrior couldn’t release all the lights and so some still remain imprisoned in this beautiful gemstone.

It is a stone which exudes powerful energies and is believed to bring positive change to the life of the person who wears it.

Our lustrous Labradorite jewellery feature truly dazzling colours: from spring green to fiery copper, whichever angle you look from at this stone, you are sure to get spellbound by the play of its hues... Slip that beautiful piece on you and let its shimmering magic take you on many adventures.

Pieces featured (from top to bottom): Miniature Labradorite and White Chalcedony Two Stone Ring, Miniature Labradorite and White Chalcedony Two Stone Ring


Rose Quartz - the Stone of Love

With its gentle pink hues, Rose Quartz is believed to be the gem of the heart and is often called 'Love Stone'. Given as a token of romantic feelings from around 600 BC, it carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness and sensuality.

This gemstone is the most important crystal of the Heart Chakra, teaching the wearer the true meaning of love, purifying and opening the heart. Rose Quartz is also used to raise self-esteem and bring a stronger sense of self-worth.

We take great care of our Rose Quartz, hand-setting it in gorgeous textured moulds and making the stone stand out, captivating with endless beauty. And with this stone teaching us to apply loving energies to everything, including ourselves, we think it's about time you added some Rose Quartz jewellery to your list, ... because you're simply worth it!

Pieces featured (from top to bottom): Rose Quartz Miniature Hoop and Tear Earrings, Miniature Rose Quartz Tear Submarine Necklace


Agate - the Stone of Strength

Agate is a stone of strength. It has been used for centuries as a material for crafting ornaments, jewels and small sculptures. Medicinally it was known to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as well as in parts of Africa, Middle East and Russia. Beneficial to all Chakras, it stabilises the aura and balances intellectual, emotional and physical energies, creating harmony between yin and yang. Agate is believed to promote love and is considered to be a stone of good luck.

From luscious greens to festive reds, we think our Christmas ready Agate jewellery is a perfect token to bring you strength and fortune. And what can be a prettier 'good luck charm' than a pair of stunning red Agate earrings?

Pieces featured (from top to bottom): Red Agate Firecracker Earrings, Small Green Agate Marquis Double Band Ring


Smokey Quartz - the Stone of Protection

Smoky quartz is a protective and grounding stone, believed to bring physical and psychic protection. It is also considered to be a national gemstone of Scotland, a belief dating back to Druids. An excellent stone for warding off bad energy, as it removes negativity of any kind and transforms it into positivity.

This gem comes in a beautiful variety of hues: from pale and wispy, like smoke, to rich and brown, like cognac and is thought to have a strong connection with Mother Earth. It is a talisman of the Root Chakra, drawing light energy from the Crown down through the body.

So let the rich tones of our alluring Smokey Quartz jewellery bring your wonderful wardrobe a touch of endless elegance and fill you with only positive thoughts and energies!

Pieces featured (from top to bottom): Orange Agate and Smokey Quartz Two Stone Earrings, Two Chain Smokey Quartz Necklace

These are just some of our favourite stones and their magnificent properties... To discover many other gorgeous gems head to Stone Story pages on our website and give a jewellery gift full of love and meaning this Christmas.

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