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To help you find the perfect birthday gift for that special someone or for yourself, we've teamed up with Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking to create our Zodiac Gift Guide. 

To kick things off, first of the zodiac and leader of the pack, here's everything you need to know about the fiery ram. 


Aries (20th March - 19th April)

Fiery, spirited and rebellious, go-getting Aries operates at one speed and one speed only – and that’s blink and you’ll miss it! Yep, we’re talking about that fashion-forward friend who's always one step ahead of the pack. Or your restless sibling who’s forever starting new projects. Or you, radical ram, reading this as you multitask five other things at the same time.


Bold moves and risk-taking come naturally to adaptable Aries.

They’re ahead of the curve, full of ideas and not afraid of offending a few people along the way, either.
With a ram by your side, adventure awaits!


Aries Season Vibes

It’s fresh start vibes all round, as Aries season (20th March – 18th April) heralds the start of the astrological New Year. Think springtime magic, sun-filled days and a mood of renewal and reinvention. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Who are you planning to take along for the ride?

The 12th April new moon in Aries invites all of us to tune in to some rebel ram energy and set positive intentions for the coming months. And with no planets retrograde right now, the time feels right for some serious forward motion.

Step it up and start believing in better days ahead. 

Written by Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking & astrologer at Glamour UK


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