Valentine's Day Buying Guide
Let's face it, buying presents for Valentine's Day can be quite daunting. We've all been through those moments of panic where we're seriously doubting our choice of gift. Questions such as "Will she like it?", "What if it's the wrong colour?" and "Does it have a return policy?" start to spring to mind and before we know it, we've worked ourselves up into a slight frenzy.Jewellery is always a safe option if you're in a bit of a pickle, which is where we come in. Ottoman Hands have come up with a Buying Guide for all the clueless lovers who have yet to buy their sweethearts a little something to say "I love you". Below are three categories that you can match your lover's style which should put all your worries to rest and ensure a stress-free Valentine's Day. 1. Roses & RedsPink and red are the traditional colour associations of Valentine's Day. If your significant other is the type to fully embrace the day then the following pieces would be perfect. rubies-and-reds-25red agate one stone earringsruby ringruby stone & slot banglerose quartz ringrose quartz oval pendantrose quartz open cuff 2. CrystalsIf coloured gems are a bit too lovey-dovey, you can always opt for our Crystal jewellery. The pieces are subtle and understated but just as elegant and glamourous. Crystals-modifiedopen white crystal ringwhite crystal belt ringwhite crystal diamond ringwhite crystal stacking ringwhite crystal leaf earringswhite crystal spike & hoop earringssmall white crystal hoop earringswhite crystal hammered disc earrings 3. CharmsThese lovely Hand of Fatima and Evil Eye charms are an endearing alternative for Valentine's Day. They can be dressed up or down and protect your loved ones around the clock.CharmsEvil Eye Slot & Charm BangleHand of Fatima Charm EarringsCircle Evil Eye Charm EarringsDusty Pink Cat Eye Stone & Hand of Fatima BraceletWhite Cat Eye Stone & Hand of Fatima BraceletHammered Circle Evil Eye Charm RingHammered Hand of Fatima Charm Ring

illustrations by Amber Ehler