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Zodiac Gift Guide: Aquarius

To help you find the perfect birthday gift for that special someone or for yourself, we've teamed up with Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking to create our Zodiac Gift Guide. 


Aquarius (20th January–17th February)


Free-spirited Aquarius is a forward-thinking innovator, forever on a mission to make the world a better place. This crusader for social change hates feeling tied down, instead preferring to fill their days with people, places and pursuits that make them believe anything is possible.

Clever, quick-witted and supremely sociable, this eccentric air sign can create a good time out of nothing at all. Aquarius doesn’t tend to follow trends but knows how to put a look together and make it uniquely their own.

Aquarian jewellery tastes are nothing if not eclectic: mixed metals, rings on rotation, layered up golden chains and charms with magical meanings.




Ethics matter a great deal to this sign so if it’s recycled, responsibly sourced and carbon neutral, it’s probably a YES from Aquarius.


Aquarius Season Vibes


Aquarius season invites all of us to freshen up, think smart and take a long hard look at the world outside our window. It’s the perfect time to ask yourself questions about what matters most to you, what you believe in and how you want to show up in the world in 2022.

Think big…and then think a bit bigger, Aquarius is a social sign that believes in freedom and wants to make the world a better place. Are you ready to get back out there? Aquarius season urges all of us to think beyond our own experience, learn from others and try to make a difference where we can.

The best time to set wheels in motion on all of the above is the 1 February new moon in Aquarius – make a plan, set intentions and allow yourself to believe in better days ahead. A powerful full moon on 16 February should be the boost we all need to start enjoying life more in the here and now.

It’s time to gently shake off the go-slow vibes of winter as the promise of spring starts to emerge.


Written by Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking & astrologer at Glamour UK


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