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Zodiac Gift Guide: Pisces

To help you find the perfect birthday gift for that special someone or for yourself, we've teamed up with Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking to create our Zodiac Gift Guide. 


Pisces (18th February - 20th March)


As the zodiac’s mystical mermaid, water sign Pisces is forever happiest by the sea. A sensitive and romantic soul, Pisces is intuitive, creative and big on imagination. It’s all about the inner world for these flighty fish, who often prefer the fantasy they’ve conjured in their own mind to the reality right in front of them.

Snap them out of their daydream though and Pisces is a loyal friend, ready and willing to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. And if it feels like this magical sign can read your mind, that’s probably because they can. Pisces is the zodiac’s most psychic sign!

Pisces loves jewellery with meaning and symbolism so birthstones, crystal talismans and evil eye pendants are top of their must-have list. Anything blue toned will appeal to their water sign aesthetic but don’t even think about making them choose between gold and silver – Pisces hates decisions and loves both. 


Heirloom pieces, delicate chains and dreamy drop earrings are all perfect picks for Pisceans.  

Pisces Season Vibes


Pisces season heralds the end of the astrological year, inviting all of us to press pause, take stock and get creative about our plans for the future.

It’s also a great time to consider letting go of anything that no longer serves you or your life. It’s the ideal time for meditation, closure, healing and taking a deep dive into who we are and what we want most out of life.

Allow yourself to set intentions that prioritise your mental health and wellbeing on the 2 March Pisces new moon and be ready to get real about how you’re going to make it all happen before the full moon shines bright in diligent Virgo on 18 March.

Have you let a good intention fall by the wayside? Are you ready to get back on track with a project that matters to you? What do you need to leave behind if you are going to step into your healthiest, happiest future? Find the answers to these questions and you’ll soon be pressing the ultimate life reboot button.

Pisces season is here to remind you that you deserve to see your dreams become reality – because you are totally and utterly worth it.


Written by Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking & astrologer at Glamour UK


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