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To help you find the perfect birthday gift for that special someone or for yourself, we've teamed up with Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking to create our Zodiac Gift Guide. 


Cancer (21st June - 22nd July)

Home is where the heart is for sensitive, caring Cancer. Naturally compassionate and super-intuitive, this water sign is ruled by the moon – bringing all the big feelings to the table.

Cancer is sentimental! Cancer is nostalgic! Cancer is seriously in love with love! But just because they’re always putting other people’s needs before their own doesn’t mean they’re a push over!

Just like the crab that represents them, Cancerians are as tough on the outside as they are soft on the inside – cross them once and you won’t get the opportunity to cross them again.

As far as jewellery is concerned, the thought really does count for this romantic sign. Choose a piece with care and consideration and it’s a guaranteed winner. Think moonstone gems to match their moon ruler, wear-forever trinkets in precious metals and anything they can pass down the generations, future heirloom style.


Cancer Season Vibes

Cancer season invites all of us to deepen our relationships, build strong foundations and find new ways to connect with those we care about. It also urges us to tune in, use our intuition and work out what we actually want out of life (not what everyone else thinks we should want).

It’s a great time to slow down, up the self-care and contemplate your next steps. Friends and family matter a great deal to Cancer – but that family doesn’t have to be the one you were born into. The family you’ve chosen is equally significant. As is crafting a solid base upon which you can build your big dream.

What do you need to feel secure in life? How might you invest in your future? Do you need to put yourself first for a change? Work out the answers to these questions and you’ll soon be ready to reach for the highest of stars.

Power up your future plans with a wish on the 24th June full moon in career-driven Capricorn. And get ready to set some seriously magical wheels in motion on the 10th July new moon in Cancer. The time is now!

Written by Emma Howarth, founder of Mystical Thinking & astrologer at Glamour UK


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