Amethyst has been a much loved gemstone for many centuries. Ancient civilizations prized it more than many precious gems, including sapphires and rubies. The Romans thought that if the symbols of the Sun and Moon were engraved upon the Amethyst it made a powerful charm against witchcraft and gave its wearers good luck. Monarchs have used Amethyst throughout the ages as a symbol of royalty, and some Amethysts have even decorate the British Crown Jewels.

Amethyst carries a high energy, particularly stimulating to the Brow Chackra (Third Eye) and Crown Chakras. It’s one of the best stones for meditation as it enhances the mind and spiritual powers.

Amethyst is believed to inspire pleasant dreams and wards off insomnia. If rubbed across the forehead it is said to relieve headaches. The stone also helps in overcoming fears and cravings.