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Labradorite is treasured for its remarkable play of colour and is named after the Labrador peninsula of Canada where it was first discovered. According to an ancient legend Northern Lights were trapped inside the rocks along the coast. They were found and freed by an Inuit warrior. Sadly, the warrior couldn’t release all the lights and so some still remain imprisoned in this beautiful gemstone.

Labradorite is the Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans and healers. It awakens one’s own awareness of inner spirit and intuition. This gemstone stimulates the Throat Chakra, but is very beneficial in balancing all Chakras. It helps to bring clarity to an over active mind and joy and spontaneity to the daily routine.

It is believed to heal pains, colds and respiratory problems and relieve the body from stress and anxiety. It also is said to help lower high blood pressure.

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