Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

Oh it's that time of year again when jolly tunes are bursting into this wide world from every store. When TV adds make you reach for tissues rather than a remote control and when the rustling of paper and whooshing of scissors means only one thing - Christmas gift season is upon us! And with all the glorious expectation and anticipation of those long-awaited presents, we couldn't help but offer you a helping hand in choosing that perfect gift they are sure to remember.

We think that every gift you give this holiday season should feel lovingly beautiful, happily surprising and truly personal. With jewellery being one of the most sentimental presents of all, there is not much that can go wrong. Whether you would like to gift her a gorgeous gemstone bracelet, a gold necklace, a stunning pair of earrings or a semi-precious stone ring, start with their style, paying attention to details, colours and shapes. Is 'less is more' their mantra of choice or do they love adding a little bit if extravagance and a lot of style to their look? To inspire you on this gift scouting mission we have thought of the most amazing and important people in our lives and what makes their style so unique. Here are four of our favourite style queens and what will make them tick this Christmas....

Statement Maker

Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

You know that wherever she goes, she makes a truly grand entrance. Those gorgeous vintage finds, stunning prints and maximalist accessories she wears make you wonder if she has found a doorway to a parallel universe packed with luxurious one-of pieces! Gift shopping for this trend-setting style chameleon must feel rather daunting, however you're in luck... the Christmas fairy has just unveiled some perfect pieces... From opulent statement necklaces to striking handmade earrings, we have some breath-taking gold jewellery that will make her swoon. Browse our iconic Ottoman Classics collection to find a present fit for this dazzling style queen.

A perfect gift for: a glamorous grandmother, a stylish mum and a vintage-loving sister

Pieces featured (from left to right): Statement White Chalcedony and Labradorite Necklace, Statement Turquoise Necklace, Antique Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace, Vintage Necklace with Tassel, Labradorite & Disc Charms

Chic Minimalist

Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

She loves her look chic and clean. No ruffs, no embellishments and a big no-no to that beaded cocktail dress you have suggested for a Christmas party last year (we know you were only trying to help). We think our elegant geometric jewellery from Neutrals and Signs & Symbols collections featuring a luxurious hand-hammered Ottoman finish will melt her heart. We think she can become quite a collector..!

A perfect gift for: a chic daughter, a minimalist-at-heart niece, a stylish girlfriend/fiancé/wife

Pieces featured (from left to right): Tiny White Pebble Studs, Blue Flat Stacking Ring, Gold Stick Ring, Simple Gold Band with White Crystal

Gemstone Magpie

Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

A wise woman (we are pretty sure it could not have been a man) once said 'A girl can never have enough jewellery'... What a brilliant mantra to live by! From dazzling family heirlooms to gorgeous stacking candies found on her latest travels, she carries a style that you want to imitate, constantly cooing 'love that piece! where did you get it from?!' If you have this eccentric bejewelled darling in your life you have come to the right place! Let iridescent hues of Labradorite earrings and opulent Amethyst rings inspire her. And let the Rose Quartz set in stunning hand-made moulds add a touch of romance and gemstone mystery to her big box of cool little treasures.

A perfect gift for: a trendy mother-in-law, a boho BFF, a hip aunt, a cool sister

Pieces featured (from left to right): Miniature Hoop and Marquise Earrings, Miniature Labradorite, White Chalcedony & Green Agate Three Stone Ring, Miniature Labradorite and White Chalcedony Two Stone Ring, Miniature Labradorite Semi Circle Submarine Necklace

Timeless Elegance

Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide

She is full of charm and elegance always making an arresting and effortless statement with everyone swooning over her perfectly poised look! She opts for classic cuts, great fabrics and versatile jewels that quickly become her favourites. If you are playing Santa to this beautiful lady this Christmas be sure to add another sparkling piece to her regalia... From exquisite semi-precious stone rings to elegant gold pendant necklaces, she is sure to be spoilt like a queen this season!

A perfect gift for: an elegant mother-in-law, a graceful mother, a gorgeous wife

Pieces featured (from left to right): Purple and Green Two Stone Crystal Necklace, Crystal Swing Back Earrings

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Ottoman Hands Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide