Ottoman Hands Disco Jewellery Collection

"She can dance, you know that? She's got the wrong partner of course, but she can dance." (Tony Manner, Saturday Night Fever). There's something so retro-magical about the broken lights of a disco ball disappearing into the sea of glistering movement... From the fabled glamour of New York's club-scene to Bianca Jagger's eloquent beauty, lensed by Eric Boman for British Vogue, this season we have felt truly inspired by that dazzling, divine Disco, which transformed 70s fashion into a whirlwind of shining colours and rather awkward dance moves. To introduce the stunning new collection of semi precious stone jewellery, influenced by the era, we have revisited fashion history lessons and thought of all the inspiring things, reflected in these bold and beautiful gems.

In 1976 Steve Rubbel and Ian Schrager transformed a theatre, designed by the infamous architect Eugene De Rosa, into, what will forever be known as, Studio 54. And as the story of music and lamé jumpsuits goes, the iconic clubbing venue has attracted everyone who was anyone: from Andy Warhol to the Rolling Stones, setting a ravishing example of what parties should really be like. With Saturday night fever (excuse the pun) taking a firm hold on the lives of the young city dwellers, Disco style has started its fashion journey as a dance inspired look. The atmosphere of discotheques with their light-up floors, stroboscopes and disco balls, meant that shimmering and sparkling fabrics like satin, velour and lamé in an array of bright, electric colours have taken the centre-stage, helping to get the stylish ravers noticed. The key designers of the period became Roy Halston, with his iconic Grecian-style jersey dresses, Bill Blass and Geoffrey Beene. Accessories ranged from sashes and belts to gold stiletto sandals. When it comes to jewellery, 1970s have offered expression and glamour like never seen before. Jewellery designers have turned from delicate and feminine to daring and statement, from elaborate cocktail rings to simple yet architectural necklaces adding sparkling glory to the signature deep V-neck jumpsuits.

Ottoman Hands Disco Collection Inspiration

Ottoman Hands Disco Collection has captured the energy and glamour of the era in a bold and beautiful way, taking retro inspirations and giving them a chic, modern twist. Think cocktail rings and statement stud earrings hand-cut from unadorned 21 ct gold plated brass and hand-hammered to create a stunning, shimmering surface (disco-light friendly and perfect for getting you noticed). One of our favourite pieces is a toggle necklace with a statement gold chain, every link of which has been crafted by hand. Smaller thicker links feature an antique stitching-like relief with bigger links showing a delicate beaten texture.

Ottoman Hands Statement Chain Necklace

The collection also offers more minimal, constructive pieces adorned with signature gemstones like Labradorite, Turquoise, Rose Quartz and Aqua Chalcedony. Inspired by Louis Isadore Kahn, an American architect famous for his monolithic and monumental constructions, our creative director - Deniz Gurdal - has fused the simplicity of geometric shapes and cuts of semi-precious stones with opulent gold metal. Curved lines and hammered finish give the pieces like Rose Quartz earrings and Turquoise rings soft, timeless elegance.

Ottoman Hands Disco Inspirations

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