Ottoman Hands. Spring Summer 2018 Jewellery Story

We are thrilled to introduce you to our beautiful new Spring/Summer 18 collection filled with gorgeous new designs, beautiful gemstones and lots of character. Discover the story behind our new campaign and see all those stunning jewels in action!

Escape into Summer...

She packed her bags, throwing anything she could find inside a big leather bag, worn at the sides, with a zip that would always get stuck half way up. It’s been with her on so many adventures. She could hear a car pull up downstairs, engine running and purring like a weird steel animal. It’s time. She opened the door, to feel wet cold air rush towards her. The street sang with a thousand voices, rushing, chasing evening lights, interrupting each other in a beautifully melodic cacophony. The city always made her feel so emotional: alive with the pulsating beat of traffic, filled with dreams, big and small, shining brightly from colourful billboards and gently shimmering in the night sky. She never truly felt alone, and somehow she longed for more.

The way to the airport felt like a blur: headlights on the highway, queues at the check-in, rumbling announcements pouring from the speakers... She couldn’t wait to touch down far away from all things familiar. A cup of strong coffee to keep her awake, a glimpse of the cloudy, pink sunrise on the horizon thousands of feet in the air, a little wrestle with the overhead compartment to get her bag down and, finally, a breath of fresh morning wind on her cheeks, soft rays of sun and salty, heady smell of the nearby sea.

She opened the door of a tiny white house, which will be her home for a few days. She couldn’t wait to explore every part of it. A gentle rustle of the leaves led her through the open doors to a charming garden at the back of the house. A whirlwind of smells and colours embraced her: turquoise blues of the cloudless sky, so vibrant and pure it reminded her of the jewel her grandmother once wore, succulent greens of the trees weaving a wondrous lace cover above her, the bitter fragrance of fallen oranges hiding in the grass under her feet and delicious aromas of local spices pouring in from the neighbour’s kitchen.

She picked up a little wicker basket left for her by her lovely hosts and headed out. With every step she took, red bricks echoed under her rafia heels, spurring her on. Every doorway, every arch seemed so perfect in its rustic, sun-soaked beauty, delicate grape vines running across the cracked aged surface. She stopped for breakfast in a cute little cafe, overlooking the main street, savoring every sip of her coffee and every mouthful of freshly made pastries. As the owner, a charming old man with a great big moustache, tried to explain to her the best way to get to the seaside, she wanted to tell him how much she would love to get lost in this little paradise, wondering the streets till dawn, till her feet grow tired from walking and her heart can no longer hear the echoes of the city she left behind.

A basket full of delicious treats, a small winding road led her down the hillside. She could hear the waves slowly breaking against the pier down below. Her feet touched the sand, warm, wet from the salty kisses of the sea. She felt at peace for the first time in months. Just the wind playing with her hair, the sea gently moving towards her, like a wild creature tamed and calm.

She could have spent her life here, watching the waves and listening to seagulls crying above. The sky grew deeper and warmer, welcoming the evening. The smells of freshly grilled fish and sounds of faraway music drew her back to the streets. She stepped on the promenade, feeling the anticipation of a long summer night build around her. The town slowly started waking up from its midday daze, sounds getting louder, aromas more intense and colours more complex, passers-by rushing past her giddy with excitement. She stopped by a little stall filled with eclectic treasures, before heading down to the terrace overlooking the sea. She will stay here till sunrise, sipping sangria and watching the world go by in all its warm, summer beauty.

Ottoman Hands SS18 Jewellery Collection