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What's on your April play-list?! Could it be the beautifully chilled track from The Weeknd, another musical gem or a secret guilty pleasure (yes, we too like Harry Style's ‘Sign Of The Times’, but shh, it's a secret). One of our current favourites has to be Lucy Mason's amazing new EP ‘Going Home Broke’. It has everything one looks for in a great track: beautiful lyrics - poetical, yet so relatable, tranquillising music and Lucy’s ethereal vocals.

Lucy is a Sydney-born dream-pop singer song-writer, who has swapped the laid-back beauty of land-down-under for bustling creativity of London 5 years ago. Her debut single was released last year through Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing. The follow-up single ‘Feels Like Midnight’ has inspired the music world and earned Lucy a well-deserved spot on the up-and-coming-stars list.

We have caught-up up with Lucy to talk music, inspirations and, of course, jewellery.

- Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you have decided to move from Australia to London?

- I’ve always been inspired by British musicians and all the amazing music that comes out of London and so I just wanted to be around it all the time! It seemed like a bit of an adventure and it really was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

- How long have you been writing music and what inspires you?

- I’ve been writing properly since I was about 19! I wanted to write a lot earlier on but I never knew where to start. I’m always surprised by what inspires me but it’s always wrapped up in everyday life. People, stories, emotions & movies always get my heart and mind working.

- What has been your most memorable gig to date and why?

- Performing my song ‘Hunger’ at Buckingham Palace for The Queen! Why? because it’s The Queen and she’s just amazing!

- We love your new EP ‘Going Home Broke’ and can’t wait to hear more amazing releases. What has influenced this piece?

- 'Going Home Broke' is a bit of a ‘starting again’ record for me. I wanted to make something really honest and real. It was influenced by the last few years of living in London and everything in between!

- Could you please describe your personal style?

- Classic & simple. I love blue jeans, white t-shirts and leather jackets.

- What jewellery do you wear the most: would it be rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces?

- Definitely earrings! They make a whole outfit.

- What is your favourite piece from the current Ottoman Hands collection?

- Small orange crystal hoop earrings! I absolutely love them. I’ve been wearing them for all my live shows!

- And finally, what have you got planned for the summer, are you planning to perform or attend any festivals?

- I’ll be releasing new music over the summer and hopefully getting along to some festivals!

To listen to Lucy's latest tracks visit her website, or find her on Spotify. You can shop Lucy's Gold Hoop Earrings and similar crystal jewellery on our website.

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