Ottoman Hands. The Story of SS19 Collection

We are so excited to present to you our amazing new jewellery collection, filled with so many stunning gems. This season we sought inspiration in art and culture, architecture, nature and music... but most of all we have felt truly inspired by you!

The Girl...

She was curious... always... searching for answers, for inspiration, for beautiful truths you only find in the most simple, raw and profound moments. She loved art and the way it made her curious soul sing. She had a unique way of looking at the world and seeing it’s fragile soul hiding behind it’s core, it’s bones and muscles. She saw strength in this fleeting fragility, that makes every one of us feel so alive. After all, what more can you seek...

She was strong, not always, not with everyone... It was the kind of strength that can be seen in nature; when the storm hits the shore with confusion and anger, when waves have the power to crush... yet the shore embraces the sea in it’s sandy or rocky arms and stands tall. It was the kind of strength you read about in books and see in movies and never realise you have it, until the most unexpected moment.

She was inspiring, not beautiful, beauty would be an understatement... She was everything you could ever imagine, and so much more... A book without an ending, a play without a script, a girl whose soul shone brighter than a galaxy...

The Jewels...

Handmade and hand-set with our favourite gemstones, we try give every Ottoman Hands jewel a unique character and a unique story of its own. Our SS19 collection comprises of six beautiful capsule ranges.

Ottoman Classics Jewellery Collection

Our most iconic capsule returns this season with an abundance of opulent new designs and alluring new gemstones. One of our favourite mini collections - Roman Treasures - draws inspiration from the golden age of antiquity and features ancient Roman and Greek coins captured in timelessly chic rings, earrings and necklaces - classic treasures transformed into treasures anew.

Disco Jewellery Collection

Strong, striking and polished, Disco sees exquisite new creations join your favourites. Here, metal turns into dazzling works of art with a chic 80s twist: think elegant chain drop earrings hand-hammered by our artisans, architectural cocktail rings and stunning statement necklaces.

Organics Jewellery Collection

Inspired by the delicate beauty of botanical gems, Organics sees graceful natural shapes transformed into gold jewels. The collection is romantic and poetic, with pieces cast from real flowers, leaves, ferns and other natural treasures.

Miniatures Jewellery Collection

This season sees the Miniatures collection filled with bejewelled architectural creations - petite and timeless. Charming bursts of Amethyst purples, Rose Quartz pinks and Aqua Chalcedony greens add playful elegance. Hammered and beaded details elevate each piece, making them all unique and unusual, in true Ottoman Hands fashion.

Signs & Symbols Jewellery Collection

For the chic, for the passionate, for the fearless - Signs & Symbols collection captures the style an the mood of the season in a dazzlingly confident way. Filled with minimal gems full of character and meaning, the capsule sees talismanic jewels and minimal geometric treasures join forces for a winning, bejewelled combination.

Festival Jewellery Collection

Our most vibrant and free-spirited collection enchants and delights, drawing inspirations from curious finds and unforgettable adventures. Step into a world of colour, craftsmanship and striking details, where every jewel is unique and full of personality.

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